Three strikes and they’re out: why we need to get the vote and strike!


It’s Groundhog day. Again. Next week, UCU staff are balloting for strike action that, if successful, would take place before Christmas. We’ve been on the picket line twice in the last 3 years, and still, we have seen no progress in bettering working conditions and stopping the decimation of the pensions of university & college staff. University management has taken a lead from the prevailing winds of political change and taken part in what can only be described as disaster capitalism: using the confusion and exhaustion of the pandemic to ram through redundancies at Leicester, Liverpool and Goldsmiths to name but a few. What’s more, since we were on the picket line last (that was cut short because of the outbreak of covid), the government have fanned the flames of a culture war against universities; we apparently stifle free speech and ‘cancel’ people, and the daily rags of hate that do the government’s bidding continue to publish falsehoods and lies. We seem to be public enemy number 1. In short, it’s a bad time to work at universities.

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