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taCity is the website & blog for me, Oli Mould – Lecturer in Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London.  

The taCity blog is about the tacit city – those aspects of urbanism that are intangible, mediated, exploited and subverted. It plays into the fields of critical urban studies, cultural geography and strays into film studies too. I use this blog to post ideas, initial research outcomes and my general musings. I am also an amateur film critic, bad musician and rubbish runner, with the persuasion to indulge in these activities to excess…

My academic research focuses on creativity, capitalism and the commons; in a way that reinvigorates the first to critique the second and build the third.

My specific research agendas cut across a number of traditional academic themes such as urban politics, creativity, cultural studies and social theory. I have published work on the creative practices of cities (both those that contribute to capitalist accumulation and those that try to resist it), architecture, the representation of cities in film and labour in the creative economy. Currently, I am engaged in work on urban politics, creativity and mutual aid.

I’m also on the editorial board of the academic journals Dialogues in Human Geography and Urban Studies.

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