Beyond the usual academic conferences & seminars, I have given a few public talks over the years. On the rare occasion they are recorded and put online, and below are the links to the audio/visual files of those talks:

September 12th, 2016 ‘The Seven Ethics of Subversion‘. Museum of London, Salon Series on Protest (my talk is 5 mins in).

June 9th, 2015: ‘Play and Urban Subversion‘. Late Tuesday: Welcome to the Playgound, RIBA, London.

March 2nd, 2015: ‘Dialogues: Movement and Space‘, Royal Academy of Arts, London (my contribution starts about 60 mins in).

May 28th, 2015: ‘My Networking is Notworking!‘ CreativeWorks London.

Podcasts and Media:

21st November 2016, BBC Radio 4, You and Yours – the Privatisation of City Space (c. 34 mins in).

RGS-IBG Ask the expert: Oli Mould discusses global cities, gentrification and creative practices


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