Brand/Ross affair…

Saw this last week and couldn’t let it pass without further trumpeting. Sums up the whole thing perfectly for me, and while his prime concern is comedy, I think Charlie Brooker is spot on when it comes to the plight of Newspapers. With free papers, on-line news and 24-hour news channels dominating the way in which people digest daily information, newspapers are hopefully not long for this world. Here’s hoping anyway…

His rant at the newspapers is brilliant and worthy of a full transcription:

“Newspapers are a dying format, what with the Internet and 24-hour news channels, no one really reads them for news anymore. That’s why there’s more emphasis on opinions, celebrity gossip and crucially, campaigns; and a campaign against television is the gift that keeps on giving. [Papers] fill their pages with shit and garbage on a daily basis, padding out their sad obsolete little platform’s with scare-mongering, bigotry, life-wrecking scandal stories, or fusty preaching, or intrusive photographs of some pop star lurching out of a nightclub at 2am with her tit hanging out of her blouse taken by some fat-arsed paparazzi scumbag you wouldn’t want to even shake hands with in case his peeping-tom shittery is somehow catching. They actually pay these massive arseholes, and then they have the temerity to turn round and have a pop at TV the minute anything vaguely untoward appears on screen. Well, fuck ‘em!”



  1. Anthony Herron · November 24, 2008

    Love Charlie Brooker! Great 1st episode back!

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