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This is a rather self-serving post (so apologies in advance), with a few links to other pieces of work in other more enlightened parts of the internet. I have been concentrating recently on my research into so-called media cities, and how they help, or indeed hinder in the formulation of the illusive ‘creative buzz’ that is so sought after by urban planners. Urban creativity, as we all know though, extends beyond these places into marginalised, subversive, subcultural and informal places, and the ‘creative city’ policy drives around the world need to recognise this – something which I hope, comes out through these articles. Enjoy.

Creative City: Four Projects bringing Arts & Culture to Dubai. ThisBigCity (published Monday 9th July 2012)

A permanent home for temporary initiatives. New Start (published 7th June 2012) but originally on the GlobalUrbanist blog (22nd May, 2012)

Mediating the City: The Role of Planned Media Cities in the Geographies of Creative Industry Activity. GaWC (this will be published as a book chapter later in the year)

I also have a paper coming out in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research co-authored with Maria Daskalaki, entitled ‘Beyond Urban Subcultures: Urban Subversions as Rhizomatic Social Formations’. Email me if you would like a copy.

and something that has nothing to do with urban creativity at all, more of a writing hobby…

Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name. Book chapter in Breaking Bad and Philosophy (published 20th June 2012). I have a couple of free copies of the book if you would like one, just drop me a line, or you could read the truncated version on Google Books).

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